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“Urgent need to preserve Cultural Heritage of U’khand”


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 29 Sep: The rich and irreplaceable cultural heritage of Uttarakhand remains a neglected field and urgently requires to be preserved in its diverse forms to be transmitted to future generations, former Rajya Sabha member and Chairman of National Monument Authority Dr Tarun Vijay has said.
Speaking on the occasion of the ongoing Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations organised by Doon University as part of the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence, Dr Tarun Vijay said the colonial British regime tried its best to manipulate the history of Indian people and their socio-cultural and economic identity in an attempt to erase the ‘memory’ of a civilisation. This, he emphasised, was a strategy adopted by Britishers to rule India for a long time and plunder its resources. “In order to preserve any civilisation, we must preserve the cultural heritage of that society as a reflection of living experiences of people in the past that flow into the future,” he said.
Stating that, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, serious efforts are underway to preserve the cultural heritage assets inherited from the past, Vijay highlighted various cultural, natural and documentary evidences, including historical monumental remains of the culture of Uttarakhand that require urgent conservation and preservation. Chakrata, Dehradun, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Adi Badri, Katarmal, Dwarhat, Jageshwar, among other places, are the sites of remarkable monuments of national importance that not only reveal the historical facts about an era, but are also narratives of the beauty and grandeur of the architecture of the region.
Doon University Vice Chancellor Professor Surekha Dangwal said that the West was systematically trying to dominate the ecosystem of literature, social sciences and other academic studies in India through a series of incentives and scholarship programmes. “Epistemological assumptions imposed by or borrowed from the West have had serious implications for our academic imagination and cultural consciousness,” she said.
Emphasising that India’s cultural heritage is not only one of the most ancient ones with over 5000 years of history, but also deeply rich, remarkably profound and preciously diverse, Professor Dangwal stated that the collective cultural heritage – grand monuments, ethical values, belief systems, traditional customs, music and festivals, oral traditions, performing arts, various artifacts, etc., are a gift of our ancestors that have inspired generations and would guide us into the future of a great nation. Doon University is committed to fostering and advancing an academic climate towards understanding, interpreting and preserving this repository of incredible wealth, she said.
Professor HC Purohit of Doon University called upon the students to ensure that every citizen is committed towards realising the ‘inherited treasure’ we possess, protecting and preserving it for posterity. The areas of heritage management and preservation are a priority of Indian government under the leadership of the visionary Prime Minister, Professor Purohit asserted.
Doon University Registrar Dr MS Mandrawal said that universities are the sites for study of culture and civilsations and Doon University, through its various academic programmes, is promoting protection and preservation of the grand cultural heritage.
Those present on the occasion included Professor RP Mamgain, Professor DD Chauniyal, Dr Harsh Dobhal, Dr Arun Kumar, Dr Vijay Sridhar, Dr Rashi Mishra, Dr Nitin Kumar, Dr Reena Singh, Dr Rajesh Bhatt, Dr Smita Tripathi, Narendra Lal, Saket Uniyal, among other faculty members and students.