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Uttarakhand Janata Party will become the third option in U’khand: Chauhan


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 31 Jul: An inaugural ceremony of newly formed political party named Uttarakhand Janata Party was held at Town Hall Auditorium in Dehradun. The function was presided by Dr Vikas Chand Chauhan, National President, Uttarakhand Janata Party. In this program, many respected people were present under the chairmanship of National President VC Chauhan.
Speaking on the occasion, Chauhan, claimed that the Uttarakhand Janata Party would become an effective third alternative to both the national parties in the state. He claimed that Uttarakhand had suffered since its existence due to political callousness and apathy of other ruling political parties towards the state of Uttarakhand, and this was the reason, why Uttarakhand Janata Party had been formed to provide an effective alternative.
Dr Chauhan further claimed that the aim of his party was to do positive politics in Uttarakhand and provide a viable political option to the people of Uttarakhand so that they had a chance to choose a better option. He claimed that his party would be focussed on positive development of the state which no political party had been able to do so far. While conducting the forum, party national general secretary Lalit Bhatt also reiterated that Uttarakhand Janata Party would become the third option in Uttarakhand and further asserted that it would be successful in forming the government with full majority in the upcoming assembly elections. He claimed that the party leaders were working hard to strengthen the party at the grassroots level.
Chauhan claimed that Uttarakhand Janata Party would make every Uttarakhandi’s dream come true and that it had a blueprint to tackle and overcome the problem of unemployment and migration from Uttarakhand. It also had a plan to improve the poor medical and education infrastructure of the state. He added that the people of Uttarakhand were cooperating with the party towards making it stronger.
Many party leaders including State Vice President Mukesh, Vikas Rajput, Mohit Kumar, Anoop Singh Rana, Harishankar, Syed Jan Ahmed Khan Rais Figar, Ashish Rana, Mukesh Pandey, Ravi Sharan Srivastava, Sunil Rawat and Fauji Bhai Ram Prasad and Raj Singh were present.