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Uttarakhand Sub Area Canteen revises schedule



DEHRADUN, 5 Jul: To look after the welfare of ‘very senior Veterans who are 80 years and above’, amendments have been in the weekly schedule of the Uttarakhand Sub Area Canteen with effect from 6 July.
Sunday and Monday are reserved for those between 70 and 79 years of age, and authorised dependants coming on behalf of veterans over 80 years.
On all working days, Senior Veterans over 80 years of age coming personally to the canteen do not require to book tokens and there are no restrictions on time, either.
To ensure the safety of their health, senior veterans have been requested to restrict the number of visits to the Canteen to not more than two per month. The need to carry proof of age also.
The guidelines for booking tokens online for station sub area canteen, Dehradun, by veterans are: The facility of tokens for Station Sub Area Canteen has been activated for Veterans. The link is –
Online Booking has already commenced. Any person using this link for any other purpose is liable to disciplinary/legal action as per cyber security violation norms. Only one person per booking will be allowed to enter the Canteen considering COVID-19 protocols.
To book, they need to click on the above link to register for token number with the Station Sub Area Canteen. The guidelines in the link are self-explanatory. Veterans have been requested to use only Canteen portion of the link for booking online tokens. A screen shot of the registered token number can be taken. It is on trial, at present, hence the option for obtaining token number via WhatsApp is also available. The final implementation of online token system will be done once tested and found useful. Only one token can be booked in a day.
Due to lifting of restrictions on movement during Saturday and Sunday by the State Government, the Canteen will go back to its old schedule of being open on Saturday, Sunday and closed on Tuesday. Booking as per age group will be: a. Sunday & Monday – 70 years+; Wednesday – 60 to 69 years; Thursday and Friday – 50 to 59 years; Saturday – 50 years and below.