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Uttaranchal Orthopaedic Association to observe ‘National Bone & Joint Day’



Dehradun, 28 Jul: Uttaranchal Orthopaedic Association (under the aegis of Indian Orthopaedic Association) today announced the commencement of weeklong activities starting from 1 to 7 August on the occasion of National Bone and Joint Day (4 August). The association will conduct various programmes pertaining to bone health. Also, the Members of the Indian Orthopaedic Association in various Hospitals across the country will conduct bone health programmes and also perform free surgeries for the economically weaker patients during the week.
In the year 2016, the Indian Orthopaedic Association created a World Record by performing the maximum number of free surgeries by any single country.
The week long activities will include: Free Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test;
Health Education Programmes for the General Public, College and School students; Distribution of Pamphlets; hold rallies highlighting healthy aging with strong bones.
According to Dr Rajesh Malhotra, President, Indian Orthopaedic Association, “Healthy Aging with Strong Bones is very relevant for our country as our life expectancy is on the rise. To spread awareness among the people, we will conduct various programmes and do free Orthopaedic surgeries for poor patients.”
Dr RB Kalia, President, Dehradun Orthopaedic Society, said that more than 75% of health expenditure in people above 70 years is for Orthopaedic disorders. The significant Orthopaedic disorders associated with aging are osteoporosis and arthritis. According to WHO, Osteoporosis (weak bones) is a silent killer which can lead to fragility of bones resulting in fractures.
Dr Hemanshu Kochhar, Secretary, Uttaranchal Orthopaedic Association, added that the main reasons for weak bones are unhealthy lifestyle, reduced physical activity, smoking (known as bone terrorist), excess alcohol, lack of adequate calcium intake and diseases like diabetes, rhematoid arthritis, hypothyroidism and epilepsy.
Dr Vimal Nautiyal, Immediate Past President, also advised taking adequate amounts of calcium in one’s diet (recommended daily amount 1000 mg), checking vitamin D levels, as also inclusion of physical activities in the daily routine. Smoking and alcohol consumption had to be avoided.
Dr Hemanshu Kochhar, Dr RB Kalia, Dr Saurabh Mehra, Secretary, Dehradun Orthopaedic Society, Dr Vimal Nautiyal, Dr Praveen Mittal, Executive Member of Dehradun Orthopaedic Society, Dr Navneet Badoni, Executive Member, Dr Archit Agarwal, were present at the press conference held at the Hindi Bhavan, here.