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UYTF holds discussion on NEP in U’khand


Dehradun, 13 Sep: The ‘Uttarakhand Young Thinkers Forum’ discussed the ‘Role of Teachers in implementing NEP 2020 – The Road Ahead in Uttarakhand’, here, today.
The Forum (UYTF) organised this as a virtual discussion.
In this dialogue, the roadmap for implementation of the National Education Policy in Uttarakhand was discussed. Deepti Rawat Bhardwaj, Vice President – Higher Education Upgradation Committee, Government of Uttarakhand, Sudha Painuli, National Award Winner for teaching, 2020, and Abhishek Ranjan, Founder, ‘Sarkari School’, participated in this discussion as experts.
Deepti Rawat said that the development of Foundational Literacy & Numeracy under the NEP would be taken as a national mission to increase the elementary knowledge of language and numbers in the students. “We have to prepare our students with the skills of the 21st century – Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Curiosity and Communication. Our teachers will also have to be prepared for this,” she declared.
Sudha Painuly, who is the Vice President of Eklavya School, Kalsi, said that teachers are nation builders, honing and preparing the future of the country. The most important aspect of the new National Education Policy is that it lays emphasis on making education more entertaining and practical.
Abhishek Ranjan said that the National Education Policy, which came after 34 years, is very important for India’s better future. And, hence, to implement this, the government, society as well as teachers will have to make special preparations. Whether it is about providing different facilities for recruitment in remote areas, reducing the student-teacher ratio or encouraging teachers for professional growth on the basis of performance or providing them capacity building opportunities, NEP addresses it all.
The discussion was moderated by Akhilesh Rawat. Neha Joshi, Convener of Uttarakhand Young Thinkers Forum (UYTF), said that NEP is a policy of the nation as a whole and it is the responsibility of all to explain its nuances to people. UYTF is a progressive organisation of young teachers, doctors, lawyers, activists and other professionals of the state, whose aim is to provide a platform and opportunity to the youth for ideological discussions and brainstorming on issues of national and state interest; and also to provide appropriate feedback to the government.
A large number of young people from Uttarakhand participated in this online discussion and also watched it live via YouTube and Facebook. Going forward, UYTF plans to take such discussions to all districts of Uttarakhand. Hemant Bhatt, Pawan Pandey and Raj Joshi played a key role in organising this event.