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Van Gujjars – Portrait of a Nomadic Life in the Mystical Himalayas



ROORKEE, 6 Mar: The ethereal work of art –“The Nomad’s Land: Van Gujjars” – by visionary filmmaker Bharatbala, takes us into the heart of the mystical Himalayas, where an enchanting tale unveils the indomitable spirit of the Van Gujjar community. The film highlights the centuries-old language of coexistence between man, animal, and nature, embodied by the Van Gujjars.

The Nomad’s Land: Van Gujjars is the latest release from the Uttarakhand Series, a Virtual Bharat production in partnership with the Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST). These films explore the themes, initiatives, and cultural practices indigenous to Uttarakhand through immersive storytelling.

Immerse yourself in the otherworldly realm of Virtual Bharat, a creative sanctuary where artistry takes centre stage, weaving a spellbinding narrative that unveils the timeless coexistence of man, beast, and the natural world, epitomised by the Van Gujjars.

A young man perched atop a tree under the Himalayan sky characterises the Van Gujjar way of life. No permanent residence, no property, forever on the move, in complete harmony with nature. The Van Gujjars, by definition, are nomads, spending winters in the plains and summers in the hills, sustaining themselves through animal husbandry as Muslim vegetarians. Their unique tradition of transhumance has survived for centuries, exemplifying the delicate balance between man, animal, and nature. The Van Gujjars take only what they need to survive and protect the forest they call home. Legends and songs of love and conversion add layers to their rich history. Today, their way of life is challenged by forest protection laws and permits, but their long[1]standing symbiosis with nature lives on.

The Nomad’s Land: Van Gujjars is homage to the unyielding spirit of Pahadi nomads, a testament to the mountains’ enduring strength, and a celebration of their harmonious language of coexistence. Though confronted by laws and permits, their essence glows through the forest, where they are an integral, mystical presence.

Join Us on the Odyssey

Embark on this surreal odyssey exclusively on the Virtual Bharat channel. Experience the spellbinding warmth, unwavering resilience, and limitless spirit of the Van Gujjars, and let the experience wash over you, leaving you spellbound at a tale that defies the ordinary and revels in the extraordinary.

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