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Vice President Dhankar advises farmers at Pantvarsity to engage in agribusiness



Pantnagar, 30 May: The Vice President of India, Jagdeep Dhankhar, and Dr Sudesh Dhankhar visited the GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, here, today. On this occasion, the Governor of Uttarakhand and Chancellor of Pantnagar University, Lt General Gurmit Singh (Retd) and Vice-Chancellor Dr Manmohan Singh Chauhan were also present.

Vice President Dhankar and Dr Sudesh Dhankhar planted a sapling of sandalwood tree at the Vice-Chancellor’s residence (Tarai Bhawan). Thereafter, at the University Centre, Director, Research, Dr AS Nain showcased various products derived from ongoing research at the university’s research centers, such as improved seeds of varieties of different crops developed by the University, honey and its value-added products, and mushroom. Dean, Community Science, Dr Alka Goel showed value-added products made from Barnyard millet and a women Self-Help Group showed the products made from cow dung and other useful materials available in rural areas.

Following this, Dean, Agriculture, Dr SK Kashyap introduced the guests to the university’s history and various achievements displayed in the museum. Vice-Chancellor Dr Manmohan Singh Chauhan presented mementos to the Vice President, and Dr Sudesh Dhankhar.

Progressive farmers Suresh Singh Rana from Sitarganj and Vinod Kumar Kumbhar from Gadarpur also met the Vice President.

On this occasion, the Vice President stated that the Prime Minister acknowledged him in the Rajya Sabha as a farmer’s son; hence he must fulfill his role as one. He emphasised the need for farmers to advance themselves technically. To contribute more to the growing economy of the country, it is essential for farmers to engage in business with their produce. Often, farmers sell their produce immediately, which is not economically viable. Times have changed. Farmers should not sell their produce directly but rather sell value-added products like paneer, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, and other value added food items from milk to increase their income. There needs to be an increase in the production of food grains grown by the farmers. It is crucial for more farmers to engage in market systems for marketing their produce and focus on value addition. Farmers should increase the production of fruits and vegetables to gain more profit from farming. Institutions with a vision and a significant impact on society, recognised as excellent institutions, should come forward and encourage farmers to focus on every aspect of their produce besides agricultural production. Farmers will play a significant role in making India a developed nation by 2047, and this initiative should start from Universities like Pantnagar.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Manmohan Singh Chauhan expressed thanks for the Vice President’s first visit to the university. Director, Communication, Dr JP Jaiswal stated that, within less than a year, the visit of both the President and the Vice President of India to the University was a matter of pride.

District Magistrate, Udham Singh Nagar, Uday Raj Singh, senior police officers, University Controller, all Deans, Directors, faculty members and students were present on this occasion.