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VoW – Red Rabbit Photography Competition


Writing with Light

By Dr Tania Saili Bakshi

Who doesn’t dabble in photography these days? A photograph taken through a professional camera or a mobile captures a moment, a place; an emotion; an experience; or just an idea for eternity.

A growing medium of personal expression and appreciation for folks across continents since the early 19th century, photography has transcended the passage of time – a century-and old photographs are still appreciated today.

For most of us brought up in the late 1980-early 1990’s, a casual flirtation with a manual camera became a life-long obsession. We were smitten by the shutter-bug. It became a safety valve in a pressure cooker when ‘things’ got to us.

While words such as ‘Aperture’ ‘Depth of field’, ‘Exposure,’ and topics like subject, composition and focus were completely alien to us, some took to photography like fish to water, producing images of nature, people or abstract things using vibrant colours and forms. They didn’t just ‘click’ but captured moments that would otherwise be lost forever. These people perfected the art of writing with light.

As technology leapfrogged, it turned everybody with a smart phone into a photographer, but the essentials of the art form remained the same: Clean the lens; hold the mobile firmly to reduce camera shake; focus; tap the small yellow square on the screen, swipe it up or down to get the right aperture and ‘click’ but only when you have done a quick mental check-on the subject, composition, focus and exposure.

Now if you too have been sold hook, line and sinker to the world of photography, then come join the Valley of Words, 2021 Red-Rabbit Photography Competition.

The VoW – Red Rabbit Photography Award turns two this year. Instituted in memory of Lt Col Ranjeev Lal (Retd) of the 99 Field Regiment, Corps of Artillery, Indian Army, who laid down his life while carrying out flood relief operations in Uttarakhand in August 2019, the award is a celebration of nature in all its moods.

A recipient of the Hill Ratna Award from the Government of Uttarakhand, Colonel Lal was an ardent nature lover and a keen participant of VoW. This Award aspires to instill that same passion in the youth of today.

The theme for the 2021 awards is “COVID – Nature Through a Lockdown Lens”. The images can be what you have captured from a window/ balcony/terrace or on solitary walks owing to the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, this year, too, the exhibition will be digitally hosted. The competition is free for all. All one needs to do is upload two entries in the link given below (5 MB minimum) shot via your smartphone.

Remember, digital enhancement of images can lead to disqualification.

As a special incentive for the younger generation, the competition has a separate category for those under 18 and there are loads of prizes to be won!

Send in your entries to:

Red Rabbit Photography 2021

Submission deadline is 31st October 2021.