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VoW to launch its 6th Edition with G-Literati



Dateline Dehradun: Valley of Words, Literature and Art Festival in partnership with Daly College, Indore, will be hosting the ‘Young Adults Literature’ vertical on the 13th -14th of September, 2022. This maiden event at the 150 year old prestigious institution aspires to give children a world in which they will read, and be read to, and imagine and understand.

‘G-Literati’ is a fresh, innovative event aimed at promoting reading among children. Organised by Daly College, Valley of Words and AFS India, students from over a dozen schools will get the opportunity to interact with authors and take part in activities based on literary themes.

Talking about hosting the event in their esteemed institution, Dr. (Ms.) Gunmeet Bindra said, “I am a staunch supporter of promoting the love for reading in children. No graphic or digital form of knowledge can ever replace man’s best friend, the ‘book’. Creating a vibrant reading environment excites and enthuses me! A book, a story, can help a child step into someone else’s shoes, understand that they are not alone, experience a magical adventure and travel to new worlds.” She further added, “With Valley of Words and AFS India , by our side, ‘G-Literati’ is a completely new initiative, rarely seen in schools, and I am highly optimistic that it will achieve resounding success, not only in terms of outreach but also in motivating the students to become avid readers.”

The two-day lit fest include physical sessions with authors of selected books under the Young Adult category hosted in its huge verdant campus. Moderated talk shows with the authors will be a prime attraction. These sessions would include a book review and a questionnaire for the concerned novelist with a teacher moderating the session.

As the authors would be present on Daly College campus, they would provide the students with first-hand insights pertaining to reading, novel writing, writing as a career, literary criticism, etc. The sessions will be recorded and shared from all social media handles of Valley of Words.

Thrown in are competitive events such as Animated Videos; Poster Making, Character Enactment and a Short Story Writing competition for students to add more icing to the cake. Also a book fair at the venue will give students the opportunity to grab books of their choice and get them signed by the authors themselves. An experience that the students will cherish forever as they personally get to meet, interact and hear authors talk about the written word.

Dr Sanjeev Chopra, Festival Director stated, “ Our partnership with AFS schools has started on a very positive and vibrant note. We hope that this will become an annual feature and the young students and their teachers will find it a rewarding experience. My congratulations to Principal Bindra and her very efficient team for putting this together in one of India’s most well-known public schools in the historic city of Indore’