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Webinar on ‘Ambitious & Strong Daughters’ held in memory of Kalpana Chawla



Dehradun, 21 Jul: A webinar on ‘Ambitious & Strong Daughters’ was collaboratively organised via Zoom by the Student Council of UPES School of Business and the Public Relations Council of India – Dehradun Chapter. The session was organised in memory of the late astronaut, Kalpana Chawla. Students and Faculty discussed the importance of recognising abilities of daughters.

The session was organised as a part of spreading awareness about the importance of raising ambitious and strong daughters in India.

Dr Karunakar Jha,Chairman, PRCI, Dehradun Chapter, started the session by stressing upon the importance of daughters in society and how they contributed successfully in various sectors from the social to corporate. He also highlighted that institutions such as UPES lay particular emphasis on Women Empowerment with initiatives such as Shakti.

Dr Juhi Garg, Associate Professor and Lead – Shakti Initiative, UPES, was the keynote speaker of the session and gave interesting examples of how there is a long way to go before the role of daughters is recognised suitably in India. All the participants shared their opinions on women empowerment and raising a daughter. Dr Juhi also shared her interesting path of becoming a successful woman.

The outcomes of the interaction during the session included:

Not only daughters but parents of daughters also face injustice in society and are forced to live a certain pre-defined life. There have been various reforms in the constitutions and new laws passed by the government for the uplift of the daughters of nations but there is still a long journey ahead.

The first step would be to acknowledge the fault and discrimination present in the system and in the mindsets of the people and then only further improvements could come about. There needs to develop a sense of sisterhood to stand strong before society and those who think daughters are any less than sons. More events like this should be organised as things are changing, daughters are proving themselves in all fields of life whether be it a home, career for society. All they need is to stand together for a better world.

The programme was moderated by students from the School of Business, Sakshi Kalia and Prapti Pandey.