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Webinar on spacecraft technology held at Graphic Era


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 7 Apr: A webinar was organised today on “NASA Small Spacecraft Technology and Upcoming NASA Missions” at Graphic Era University.

In this webinar, Roger Hunter, Programme Manager at NASA Research Center, gave an online lecture on spacecraft technology. He talked about the progress made in the technology of small spacecraft and their potential usefulness in the future. He emphasised on the latest technology used in aircraft, which can be used in the environment of new planets and moons. He also highlighted the achievements of the Kepler Telescope in the field of astronomy and its significant contributions. Its primary mission was to survey the Milky Way Galaxy and determine the occurrence rate of Earth-size planets, in the habitable zone, of other stars in the Galaxy.

The webinar was organised by the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Dpartment of the university. Roger Hunter also answered the participants’ questions on the occasion. The event was conducted by Dr Sudhir Joshi and Dr Ritwik Dobriyal.