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Website Developed for Showcasing the Changing Trends of Corona Virus around the World by Doonite couple



DEHRADUN, 28 Mar: An IT Professional couple from Dehradun has developed a website acquainting about the recent updates of corona virus across the World. The website is imparting authentic information regarding every affected country of the World with latest updates on corona virus trends in the countries. An IT Professional Sankalp Gupta working in London has created this website along with his better half Himanshi Mundeja. Through this website any person sitting at home can update himself with the latest trends of corona virus affecting various countries. The website has been created by the IT professional couple keeping in mind the objective of providing authentic information and for neutralizing the spread of rumors. Both Sankalp and Himanshi have done their B.Tech from Graphic Era University in 2010 and 2011 respectively and both are working in London. They say that these figures are not only statistics, but a warning that we all should be fully alert of the crisis that has knocked our doors. They also said that for fighting against this epidemic the best solution is to stay at home. The data obtained for the website is from W.H.O. and from government agencies of various nations. Both these professionals have made such process that the increasing and decreasing number of corona virus patients are immediately getting reflected on the website.  Sankalp Gupta Resident of Keshav Vihar is the son of veteran journalist and Professor (Dr) Subhash Gupta. Link of the website: http://coronavirus.truelogical.net/