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Welham Boys’ School hosts WELMUN 2023

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 5 Aug: Welham Boys‘ School Model United Nations Conference (WELMUN2023) was held at the Welham Boys‘ School, on the theme ‘Transforming Conflicts to Transforming Conundrums’. This theme reflects the very essence of this day and age, as human minds are in a state of conflict over their beliefs, morals, ideals, resources, past, and future. The Conference witnessed hectic parleys, heated debates, and great camaraderie from August 3-5, 2023, with a large participation of 350 delegates from 27 leading public schools across India. The student delegates brought with them exciting new challenges and intellectual energy.
This year the conference witnessed 7 committees simulating the United Nations Security Council, Disarmament and International Security Committee, United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Women, Special Political and Decolonisation Committee, Lok Sabha, and the International Press Corps. Some very engaging and important issues discussed in the various committees were, ‘The Kuwait Crisis – 1991’, ‘The Humanitarian crises in Myanmar’ and ‘Deliberating upon measures to counter secessionism in India’ to name a few.
This student-driven event was conducted by an Executive Committee comprising 35 student executive members. “Let there be light inside you, and let the light spread wherever you are”, said Radhika Jha, IAS, Secretary to the State of Uttarakhand during her opening address at WELMUN 2023 at Welham Boys‘ School. The Chief Guest spoke about the confluence of thoughts, ideas,and learning. She highlighted the significance of school mottos and how they inspire and shape the character of a student. She reiterated the importance of power of knowledge and  upholding a learner’s mindset.  Radhika Jha concluded her speech by urging the students to discover their true potential and always strive to be aspirational.
Arush Singh Kaintura as The Secretary General of WELMUN 2023 and the President of the Model United Nations Society headed the Secretariat and guided the delegates into thought-provoking discussions on an array of International Affairs through skills of collaboration, negotiation, and innovation.
The Welham Boys’ School Model United Nations not only prepared the youth to experience and transform the World of Conflicts and Conundrums but has hopefully done its bit in preparing the leaders of tomorrow.
The Best Delegation Trophy was awarded to The Doon School.