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Who killed Arti Dabral?


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 8 May: Who killed Arti Dabral, a teacher, whose body was found under a bridge in Chhiderwala area in Dehradun on Monday?

Two days after her murder, the police are still picking up various clues to reach a definite conclusion on what happened on the fateful day when Dabral purchased a birthday cake for her lover Shailendra Bhatt (26), an unemployed man, who allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Chila canal after supposedly murdering her.

Police claim, both, Dabral and Bhatt were in a relationship. But the question arises what was the provocation that forced Bhatt to take the extreme step to kill Dabral on a day when they were celebrating a birthday? Secondly, how can a lover so ruthlessly slit the throat of his beloved? These are the questions which are still haunting the police. Nevertheless, the love story of Dabral and Bhatt abruptly ended in tragedy.

The body of Dabral was found in Chhiderwala area on Monday morning. After the recovery of the body, SSP, Dehradun, Ajai Singh had reached the spot and ordered investigations immediately.

After preliminary investigations, it came to light that Bhatt, who was a native of Tehri district, had apparently killed Dabral and, later, thrown her body under the bridge in Chhiderwala area. The knife, which was used to slit the throat of Dabral, has also been recovered, police said.

Bhatt, who used to live with his sister in Shyampur area of Haridwar district, allegedly murdered Dabral after six-seven years of relationship. Later, he allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Chila canal. An SDRF team is still trying to find Bhatt’s body.

Before committing suicide, Bhatt told his friends that he had murdered Dabral and was ending his life by jumping into the canal, according to police.

“We are trying to find out why Shailedra Bhatt killed Arti Dabral,” said Lokjeet Singh, Superintendent of police (SP) Dehradun-Rural. “But it is very important to find the body of Bhatt. He could also be alive. We are investigating the matter from all angles,” said Singh.