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Will bring Upanishads to every house: Acharya Prashant


By Our Staff Reporter

Rishikesh, 29 Mar: Acharya Prashant, founder of Prashant Advait Foundation
Rishikesh/Prashant Advaita Foundation, has said that a campaign has been started by the organisation to make available copies of the Upanishads free of cost in every house of the country. The aim is to connect every person with spirituality. Vedanta Mahotsav camps are being organised in the states of India.
He said Vedanta is the only way to give a new direction to life.
At the conclusion of the three-day session organised by the institution at KCC College, Acharya Prashant disclosed in detail the activities being organised by the institution. He said, “We have to see how we are living life, what our company is, as this determines our routine. Wrong company and wrong life is the cause of misery. Whenever we go against the current, then the ego gets hurt. To live the right life, it is necessary to have the right goal, otherwise we will have to remain in disorientation throughout our life. This is the basic principle of life, internal changes of life are necessary. This is what decides our life. The pain of the past cannot be forgotten, the mind is always lost in thoughts, perceptions, imaginary thoughts; there is turmoil in the life of the mind. Cleaning the garbage inside requires spiritual practice. People usually do not do that. The world is in a blind race.”
He added that money is necessary but the money earned by putting life at stake is not going to work. He affirmed that spirituality is very simple. Still, people keep many misconceptions in their mind that if they become spiritual, they have to leave home and take sanyas. They should not become a recluse, they should not leave the householder’s duty. Spirituality teaches how to live life. Just like when buying any machine, a manual comes with it, similarly there are spiritual scriptures and gurus who teach how to use the body, senses, mind, intellect, ego. The manual is the Gita, which teaches to operate the body and mind.