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Will save girls of Dehradun from cervical cancer: Kamal Ghanshala 

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 9 March: Chief Warden of Civil Defence and renowned educationist Dr Kamal Ghanshala said that a campaign for the elderly will be launched to save Dehradun from cervical cancer. Along with this, arrangements are being made to provide training to all post and sector wardens in the techniques of life saving system from expert doctors. Preparations are on to start this training next week.
Dr Ghanshala was addressing the meeting of sector and post wardens and other officials of Civil Defence of Dehradun this evening. He said that by establishing new dimensions of service, civil defence will be brought to the top in the country and work will be done to make the lives of the people of Dehradun safe and pleasant.
Dr Ghanshala further added that for this, to save lives of people in emergency situations, first of all arrangements have been made to provide training in CPR and other techniques to post wardens and sector wardens. This training will be started at Graphic Era Hospital next week. Dr Ghanshala said that vaccination is being done in many cities of the country to protect girls from cervical cancer. There is a plan to do this vaccination for women in Dehradun also. He said that people serving in various professions related to Civil Defence Organization are making important contribution by taking out time for selfless service. We can be proud of this. Dr  Ghanshala said that 27,000 students, 200 doctors and a large number of teachers of Graphic Era in Dehradun can also be connected for any big purpose of service.
Deputy Controller of Security Organization, Shyamendra Kumar Sahu expressed happiness over Kamal Ghanshala assuming the responsibility of the post of Chief Warden and said that the Sector and Post Warden and all the people associated with the organization are very excited with the leadership of Dr Ghanshala.
In the meeting, the wardens warmly welcomed Dr Ghanshala with flowers. Speakers said that with Dr Kamal Ghanshala assuming the post of Chief Warden, new life has come into the organization. Ravindra Mohan Kala conducted the meeting. In the meeting, Senior Surgeon of Max, Dr Mohammad Atif Khan, Deputy Divisional Warden of Civil Defense Dehradun South Division, Mr. Sanjay Bijalwan, Effective Warden of Northern Effect, Vishwa Raman, Assistant Deputy Controller of South Division, Ramesh Chandra Sharma and Assistant Deputy Controller of Northern Effect, Controller Ramesh Sonkar was also present.