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Winterline Carnival satisfies tastes of all


By Sunil Sonker
Mussoorie, 27 Dec: The Mussoorie Winterline Carnival Festival is held in Mussoorie as Uttarakhand aims to project the vibrant heritage of the hill station beyond boundaries. The five-day long carnival feature has events for people from all walks of life. A puppet show, a Silent DJ evening for those who love dance and music, and a photo booth for all selfie freaks are just a few of the attractions lined up at the carnival.
The Mussoorie Winterline carnival is named after the famous atmospheric phenomenon called Winterline, where a second imaginary horizon line is visible in the sky during October that lasts till January. This meteorological wonder is seen only in two places in the world – Burn in Switzerland and Uttarakhand in India. This wonderful phenomenon accounts for a beautiful sunset view that adds to the pomp and pride of the carnival.
SDM Mussoorie Minakshi Patwal has asserted that folk artistes participating during the carnival are much appreciated by the audience. She said this was the first time during the carnival when all programmes are being presented by local artists, depicting the culture and traditions of the state.