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Wisdom lies in adjusting the sails



The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. Vasundhara Joshi, celebrity stylist from Doon, is working from her Dehradun home during this lockdown phase when the businesses and activities are struggling hard to stand on their feet.

Vasundhara was working for a feature film and web series when she had to return to Doon with the announcement of lockdown. Initially it was very tough for her to stay at home without work, as her job required her to be on field. Realising that this shutdown phase may last longer and sniffing the need of masks, she utilised this time to make all kinds of masks – ordinary, fancy and designer, to meet the demand while using the fabric that was lying at her home.

Visualising no normalcy in work during the pandemic phase, Vasundhara worked on creating her website and is now ready to launch it this week. She intends to start online consultation by providing designing services to her customers for wedding outfits for bride and groom, jewellery, make-up assistance and other related services. Everything will be done through virtual media with no physical contact with the customers – guidance measurements, advice, suggestions, material selection, finalising the end product and finally online delivery. The internet has been a very handy tool during this time to many professionals and Vasundhara used this time in her stride rather than waiting for the weather to change favourable.