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With fastest Hanuman Chalisa in Rap style, Akkhi inches towards realising his dream



MUMBAI, 19 Apr: Ankur Arora ‘Akkhi’ was an ordinary youngster doing ordinary things, until his natural talent got the better of him. And, today, after some years of hard work and struggle he is poised to attain greater heights. Some people need nothing but pure natural talent to realise their potential and genius. This youngster literally started from scratch as a struggling singer. Due to lack of money and support, he had could think of no way to put his talent before the world. He lost his father at just one and a half years of age and his homemaker mom found it difficult to make ends meet.
She stitched people’s clothes to raise him. In the background of pain and paucity one thing she was sure of was her son’s ability to work hard and his talent.
She urged her son, now better known as Akkhi, to continue doing his riyaaz and also start working in a mobile company. After working there for 4 years, Akkhi decided to quit the job and began writing songs and eventually ended up composing a large number of them.
“Initially, when I used to take my songs to the music directors they would ask for money to provide the music. That’s when I decided to learn music production,” he reveals.
Soon, he was able to eke out a living and the condition of his household became better. Before long Akkhi, joined a music production course and used up all his savings.
He went to Mumbai after finishing the course. But even here the path was not easy.
But, as they say, if you want something with all your heart, then the whole world collaborates to realise your dreams. Here, Balaji Telefilms provided support to Akkhi’s struggle. It so happened that, once, his actor friend was going to an audition. He also took Akkhi along, who auditioned along with him and, lo and behold, the very next day Akkhi got a call from Balaji Telefilms to join a series. Akkhi’s car started running fun throttle.
But this offer was for acting. Akkhi ended up doing many negative variables in several shows of Balaji. With this support in hand, Akkhi started releasing his songs as well and also opened his own studio.
His first song, ‘Laut Ke Naa Aana’, which was released by Zee Music bagged 2.6 million views. Then came his next song, ‘Tamasha’, which too was released by Zee Music. This song told the story of his journey as a Rapper.
Next, Akkhi released ‘Zindagi Jhand Hai’ on his YouTube channel, called Akkhi Official.
And, now, his songs have begun to be selected for films as well.
Shortly, he will be releasing a song that he has sung with Shibani Kashyap, titled ‘Ishq Da Jam.’
Of late, he won the hearts of everyone by producing the fastest Hanuman Chalisa in rap style. This can be watched on his YouTube channel Akkhi Official. Gradually, Akkhi is getting the success that he had dreamt about and worked hard to manifest through dint of hard work.