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Women balance responsibilities at home, workplace, society: Prof Surekha Dangwal



Dehradun, 8 Mar: Doon University Vice Chancellor Professor Surekha Dangwal today celebrated International Women’s Day with women employees of the university and shared thoughts with them on women’s rights, responsibilities and empowerment, and holistic development of women.

Stating that empowerment is not merely participating in the workforce but contributing at various levels as women to form a crucial axis of society and nation building. “Our responsibility in any institution is no less than that of our male colleagues, hence we should be conscious of all our rights but also discharge our duties with great responsibility,” she said.

Appreciating the role of women workforce in the development of the university, she reminded them of the duties and responsibilities that invariably come with special rights. “Apart from this, your responsibility is also important in nurturing the family which is the building block of society and the nation. We need to strike a balance between our role in the family, workplace and society.”

The Vice Chancellor said, “Sometimes we feel that we are perhaps less capable than our male colleagues because we have different responsibilities in the family and society. But it is completely misleading to think like this because women are equally capable as men in every aspect, and many of our sisters and daughters have done this, therefore we have to understand our versatility and capability and behave in our daily life, so that we are effective in changing the perception towards women in society. All of you are capable of achieving anything but you must embrace your capabilities fully and take ownership of your work without any excuses in the name of other responsibilities that you carry.”

The Vice Chancellor added that the women employees working in the hostels, guest house, laboratories, library, academic blocks and other areas should be acutely aware of their roles and responsibilities. “Those working in hostels should remember that they are guardians of the students who are like their family members. Your behaviour with them should be like a parent which will help them feel at home while being away from home.”

“You should be proud of the fact that you are making great contributions in contributing towards the nation building. The future of the country is shaped in universities and it is in this sense you are contributing to nation building.”

All the women employees present on this occasion openly shared their thoughts with the Vice Chancellor and expressed their gratitude for being honoured on ‘Women’s Day’.

Urmila, Savita, hostel PRD security guard Shashi Rawat, hostel caretaker Ruchi and others expressed appreciation of the VC’s words.

On this occasion, Hostel Warden Dr Deepika Bhatia, Dean, Student Welfare, Professor HC Purohit, Professor Harsh Dobhal, Vipin Naithani, University Security Supervisor Harendra Singh Rawat, Lakshmi Naithani, Lakshmi Nishad and others were also present.