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Women Cadets at NDA


By S Paul

Reference front page of GP dated 9 September, 2021 – what great news; tragic for some and heartening for others. The feminists must be celebrating this social upheaval creating judgment by our over-enthusiastic judiciary. Whether there had been a political direction to them to give this blessing of the law is a matter of investigation. If it is, then the politicians can be questioned why they have so far failed to give at least 50% seats in our parliament to the women. Be it as it may, there is going to be a massive re-hatching of the training schedule and syllabus of this ‘catch them young’ system for the defence forces. The young hopeful males were essentially goaded and encouraged during training to achieve more and more ‘like a man and not to be a sissy’. How will they now address such a morale boosting statement when there is a presence of ‘sissies’ (sisters like) among them?

The age of 17-18 at which they enter this signal institute of profession of soldiery is very impressionable and vulnerable. They are still adolescents; immature to understand the equality being foisted on them in the name of this ‘modern global trend’ of opening all avenues of social participation to the naturally differently blessed gender. If gender equality is the agenda of our social standard enhancement, then why do we have separate events in sports for men and women?

Considering the enthusiasm and economic necessity of the women to participate in the erstwhile male dominated profession of soldiery a very different kind of approach has to be made. First, the training of male and female cadets has to be separated and not combined at the NDA level. Create another NDA exclusively for girls. If at all, at various stages of their 3 years breaking in, they may have a few competitions in various aspect of soldiery. Secondly, they may be brought to train together only in the various post-NDA academies of Army, Navy and Air Force; because by then they would have grown matured as men and women to understand their natural limitations and urges. They would also learn to be respectful to one another but the age of Chivalry, a hallmark of the male soldier, would become history. My prayer to our Creator is that He may overlook our interference in the natural selection of sharing the responsibilities of preserving the human beings.