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Women in Indian politics: Their scope of representation in coming elections


By Venu Agrahari Dhingra

Women in Indian politics have made significant strides, with notable leaders like Indira Gandhi and more recent figures such as Nirmala Sitharaman and Diya Kumari, to name a few, who have successfully occupied high chairs of our country. While progress has been made, there’s room for further improvement in terms of representation and leadership roles for women. The scope for women in Indian politics is promising, and ongoing efforts to promote gender equality are likely to contribute to increased participation and influence in the future.
The future of women in Indian politics holds promise as the societal attitude is evolving and efforts to promote gender equality continue. Increased representation, leadership roles and policies addressing gender bias are essential for empowering women in politics. With growing awareness and advocacy, it’s anticipated that more women will actively contribute to shaping India’s political landscape in the coming central elections in April-May of 2024, fostering a more inclusive and diverse political environment.
Empowering women through leadership positions in India involves promoting inclusivity, challenging stereotypes, and fostering equal opportunities. Implementing policies that encourage women’s participation in politics, providing mentorship programs, and addressing gender-based barriers can contribute to creating a conducive environment. Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women leaders also plays a crucial role in inspiring future generations. Overall, a multi-faceted approach, combining policy changes and cultural shifts, is essential for effective empowerment of women in leadership positions in India.
The role of women in the 2024 elections in India is likely to be significant, with continued efforts to increase their representation in politics. Women voters form a substantial portion of the electorate, and political parties are increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing women’s issues and promoting female candidates. The engagement of women in various capacities, including as voters, candidates, and activists, is expected to contribute to shaping the political discourse and outcomes in the upcoming elections.
The hope for more dynamic women leaders participating in India’s democratic elections is shared by many. Increased representation of women candidates not only ensures a more diverse and inclusive political landscape but also reflects the aspirations and perspectives of the entire population. Efforts to encourage and support women leaders in politics are crucial for fostering positive change and strengthening democratic values in India.
Hoping to see more dynamic women leaders taking part in world’s biggest democratic elections and representing half the population, now that the Lok Sabha elections will be declared soon.

(Venu Agrahari Dhingra is the author of “Power Women – India’s Political Winners”)