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Women make empowered society: Dr Sujata Sanjay


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 8 Mar: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Dr Sujata Sanjay, Gynecologist and Obstetrician of Sanjay Maternity Centre, through Society for Health Education and Women Empowerment Awareness Service, distributed sanitary napkins to women and adolescent girls and informed them about the benefits of its use. More than 20 million women use unsafe means instead of sanitary napkins. They are causing infections and many serious diseases. Under compulsion, most girls prefer to be on leave from school for five days every month.
Dr Sujata Sanjay stated that, for the last eight years, free sanitary napkins are being distributed to women. She said that there is a lot of hesitation in women regarding periods. Some women consider it to be the wrath of nature and also the curse of God. But when it is explained to them that it is not a curse but a physical natural process which is God’s gift, there is nothing to panic about. But if they do not keep cleanliness, then they will get sick again and again. For nearly eight years, Dr Sujata has distributed more than 2000 sanitary napkins, for all of which she herself bears the cost.
Dr Sujata Sanjay also talks to women and advises them to use napkins, whereas in the beginning women living in slums refused to take sanitary napkins because they believed that only cloth is right during menstruation. They do not even have money to buy sanitary napkins and they are also ashamed before men. Many women have even said that these pads are the house of disease and we will not use it. But Dr Sujata Sanjay did not give up and gradually explained the reality.
Dr Sujata Sanjay said that 70 percent of women and girls are unable to use sanitary napkins due to financial constraints; women in extremely backward areas of India use cloth instead of sanitary pads, due to this uncleanliness rural woman get various infections. Due to which the number of patients of cervical cancer is increasing in India.