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Workshop held on ‘Clinical Audit’ at Himalayan Hospital



Dehradun, 9 May: A one-day workshop on clinical audit and quality improvement was organised at the Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant, in collaboration with the Nursing Quality Department of the Himalayan College of Nursing, and Helmiar India. A total of 36 nurses from the Himalayan Hospital and the Himalayan College of Nursing participated in the workshop.

During the workshop held at the Chowkhamba Auditorium of Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU), the Chief Guest, Director (Hospital Services) Dr Hem Chandra Pandey, emphasised that clinical audits are distinct from other types of audits. This area, linked with hospital services, requires continual improvement. The purpose of a clinical audit is to enhance quality and performance in healthcare services. Himalayan Hospital has been accredited by NABH for its quality services, and it needs to keep conducting clinical audits for ongoing quality improvement. He encouraged the participants to maximise the benefits from the workshop.

Trainer Tanya Seth provided detailed information on the discovery, development, types, and implementation of clinical audits. She also shared essential information on handling challenges in quality improvement projects. During this period, this year’s theme “Our Nurses, Our Future: Unveiling the Economic Power of Care” was also announced.

Earlier, Reena Habil, the Chair of the organising committee, welcomed the Chief Guest. She stated that the workshop aims to empower employees who play dual roles as nurses and educators while promoting quality improvement initiatives in hospital services.

The workshop was jointly conducted by Solomon Thapliyal and Yogita Kandwal. Dr DC Joshi, Dr Kamli Prakash, Upma George, Jaibunisha, Trishna Sarkar, Kajol Arora, Vineeta Kandwal, Kavita Naudiyal, Mamta Bhakuni, Tanuja Negi, Mahesh Saklani, and Ankit Baurai were present amongst others.

A seminar on asthma awareness was also conducted at the Himalayan College of Nursing (HCN). Students were informed about the symptoms and prevention of asthma.

Dr Rakhi Khanduri, Head of the Pulmonary Department at Himalayan Hospital, said that asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes breathing difficulties. Symptoms include breathlessness, coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness, which vary in frequency and severity. This day is being celebrated this year for asthma education empowerment. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the risks of respiratory diseases like asthma and how to combat them.

On this occasion, Principal Dr Sanchita Pugazandi, Dr Kamli Prakash, Preeti Prabha and Ankit Singh were also present.