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Workshop held on Plastic Waste Management at Indian Cambridge School



DEHRADUN , 3 Sep: A workshop was conducted at “The Indian Cambridge School”, Dalanwala, by HC Semwal, Additional Secretary and Director, Panchayati Raj, on eradicating plastic from the state. He addressed the students on ‘Plastic Waste Management’. He was accompanied by his wife, Nirmala Semwal, ex-Joint Director, DP Devrari, Vipin Kumar, Consultant, SWM, and Kanchan Negi, Consultant IEC and Media, and School Principal Rachana Srivastava. The School Principal introduced the Chief Guest to the audience. The School Captain, Sunidhi Shah, described his achievements in plastic waste management. HC Semwal has established 95 compactors and plastic recycling plants. pollutes the soil, ocean, air, etc. Even plankton, the tiniest creatures in the oceans, are eating micro plastics and absorbing their hazardous chemicals. Semwal said, “It is seen that plastic consumption is increasing in India rapidly but now the time has come when we should discourage the use of disposal plastics and abandon grocery bags, plastic wraps, disposable cutlery, coffee cup lids, minimise buying of water bottles, and instead purchase second-hand items and support a bag tax or ban plastic.” Rubina Siddqui, Academic Coordinator, proposed the vote of thanks, and said that the use of plastic within the campus would be banned and other available options would be used by the students and the staff.