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World Consumer Rights Day celebrated by AICC


Dehradun, 15 Mar: World Consumer Rights Day was celebrated by All India Consumers Council, here, today. A large number of representatives attended from AICC, SNS, NAPSR, Sikh Welfare Organisation, Food Relief Association and other allied organisations. Brig KG Behl (Retd), President, AICC, presided over the function and GS Jassal conducted it.
Brig Behl explained how the celebrations of this day started in 1962 when the American President raised the issue of rights of consumers and, since then, a number of other rights have been included. The movement spread all over the world on different themes every year. The theme of the World Consumer Rights Day 2021 is ‘Tackle Plastic Pollution’. Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet. Consumer awareness of the plastics crisis is growing around the world. Plastics do not dissolve in water and create a variety of problems besides choking drains, making earth unfertile and wherever consumed kills animals and others. The articles kept in plastics for a long time become poisonous. It is feared that the rate at which plastic is being dumped into the sea it may kill all the fish and other underwater mammals in a few years.
Brig Behl pointed out that everyone is a consumer who purchases articles with a receipt. A receipt is a must for to prove one is a customer. Many types of reliefs are available to the consumers through various consumer courts at practically no cost, and cases are decided fast.
Jitendra Dandona brought out factors relating to plastics and other matters essential for the consumers. Similarly, JS Jassal, Sushil Tyagi, Dr Mukul Sharma, Pradeep Kukreti, Arif Khan and others spoke on different aspects of consumer rights. Those present included Beena Sharma, Sudesh Uniyal, Kavita Khan, AK Bhatt, Anup Rana, Ria Chauhan, Akhilesh Panwar, Sumit Pundir, Seema Yadav, Deepak Malik, Pankaj Kumar Goyal, Pankaj Joshi, Navdeep Garg, Puja Garg, Swati, Honey Pathak, Sompal Singh and others.