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XIRI – The Two Headed Monster

By S Paul
The world of our time is facing a two headed monster, XI-RI. XI is for XI Jinping, the Chinese dictator, and RI stands for Radical Islamists. For their aim of conquering the ebullient Giant, the World, for themselves, they have temporarily joined efforts. Both are rolling in Dollars and, both, have assiduously invested their Dollar to further their aim. The RI is mainly dependent on Petro Dollar of Islamic nations. However, the XI has deliberately planned and worked, with no regard for its own citizens’ lives and human rights, to amass a lot of international revenue by enticing the other nations to invest in their dirt cheap labour oriented production facilities. The rest of the world is guilty of tossing all the expertise, experience and knowledge of how to administer and manage corporate entrepreneurship, into the air. The most affluent among them went ahead, selling their technical knowhow to that one nation. The brand names of established produce of the world have all been licensed to XI’s China, thereby ‘putting all eggs in one basket” and putting their heads into the Chinese noose. No wonder that, having quietly flushed the world consumer market with ‘made in China’ brands, they have the world by the throat and the .., you know what. Therefore our present state of ‘Made in China’ pandemic nad economic depression is mainly due to our lust for quick material gains. Our own business community in Bharat; always ready to imitate the world, also went in blindly to trade with this XI monster disguised as a great benefactor of humanity.
Having made dollars, conning the rich nations, XI pretended to be a great saviour of cash-strapped poor nations looking for aid and help in sustaining themselves. Under the burden of huge loans, such nations, unable to return the loan, capitulated to XI’s cleverly manipulated concern to offer a piece of their land for China to establish a base. These strategically located bases are aimed, first, if needed, to usurp more or whole of that weakened nation and, secondly, to undermine the influence of other powers in that region. The BRI, the Gwadar Port & Jiwani naval base in Pakistan, Hambantota port in Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Bagamoyo port in Tanzania, Maldivian island of Feydhoo Finolhu, Sittwe port in Mayanmar, Chittagong in Bangladesh and more. All this is indicative of China desiring to subjugate the only Asian nation, Bharat, which can stand up to it against its expansionist obsessions. It has also claimed and occupied  islands, reefs, banks and shoals in the South China Sea, including the Paracel Islands, the Pratas Islands, Macclesfield Bank, Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly Islands between the PRC (Taiwan), and Vietnam, and parts of the area also contested by Malaysia and the Philippines.
Its other aim is to be able to be able to reach, unobstructed, the black gold of the Arabs and control the international maritime route through Suez. For that, it has conveniently befriended the rogue terrorist producing nation of Pakistan, which also is severely in the red for its finances. The BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) passing through occupied Tibet, the POK and rebellious Balochistan is for that purpose only. Once through, it may not be dependent entirely upon the constricted straits of Malacca. To achieve this, China under XI has started openly befriending Iran also which, too, in spite of being a great culture, has become a dominantly rabid Islamic nation and is also strapped for funds. Both the doctrines of XI’s communism and RI’s Islamisation believe in violence and are dependent on the strength of Dollars amassed by them. It is, therefore, very obvious that one is using the other just to achieve their selfish aim of dominating the world. However, XI’s doctrine has no place for religious bigotry and in the land of Xinjiang under their occupation, the Islamic majority Uyghurs are being mercilessly dealt with as slaves. It is then quite obviously a marriage of convenience and opportunism between these two radically opposite entities. The ISIS, backed by Pakistan and others, are unable to make any inroads into XI land China. Who will eventually prevail is a matter of great speculation. Is it going to be RI’s forcible takeover of all assets created by XI money or will the XI power eventually overrun the RI domination even in the Arabian Peninsula? Such an eventuality is going to take decades to happen and is likely to damage most of the power balance and tranquility of the world before that.
Preferably, our pundits of international affairs may think of creating a rift between these two monsters in love to prevent any more dominance by either. Let them fight and nullify each other. However, the awareness of these two menaces and efforts to curb their influence must carry on simultaneously the world over. Some that I can think of are to replace the dependency upon petroleum products fast and substantially. Curtail China from having any significant influence in the UNO. Spread the facilities for manufacture of consumer goods over many countries, more specially the developing nations, thus upsetting the monopoly of China.