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Yashpal Arya writes letter to CM, raises issues related to farmers


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 21 Mar: Leader of the Opposition Yashpal Arya has written a letter to Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami expressing concern at the losses caused to farmers by unseasonal rains. Arya has also demanded compensation for the farmers against their crop loss.

In his letter, the Congress leader has sought to remind the CM that the heavy rains and thunderstorms across the state from the hills to the Terai and the plains have dashed the expectations of the farmers of a good crop this season. The standing crops of farmers and horticulturists have suffered substantial damage. Hailstorm and heavy rains have wreaked havoc on the crops and ruined them.

Arya further pointed out that even the fruits and vegetables crops have been destroyed adding to the woes of the farmers. He said that, due to the unpredictable weather, the farmers now live in insecurity throughout the year and can sleep peacefully only when the crops are harvested and sold in the market at good prices.

Arya claimed that farmers have also suffered because broken irrigation canals have not been repaired for a long time now. Not only this, diesel and petrol, fertilisers, seeds, pesticides, all have become very expensive rendering agriculture unsustainable. To add to their woes, the farmers do not even get a fair price and timely payment for their produce in the markets. Though the farmers have been facing the brunt of the weather continuously, the government has not been giving them adequate compensation against the crop losses.

He also claimed that the insurance companies are continuously looting potato producing farmers in the name of insurance but not paying them any insurance against the losses. Farmers have not been paid any insurance amount in the previous years, even when the insurance companies are earning a profit of thousands of crores of rupees in the name of crop insurance. Along with the weather, the farmers are also facing the brunt of the government’s neglect. The natural calamity will further worsen the economic condition of the farmer, which will have a direct impact on the upkeep of the family, who will have to face the grim reality of an uncertain future.

Arya has urged the CM to be proactive in this regard and take timely action to compensate the farmers adequately in a sympathetic and compassionate way.