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Yes to Life & No to Death: Sunderlal Bahuguna



DEHRADUN, 21 Apr: Sunderlal Bahuguna, noted Gandhian and recipient of the prestigious Padma Vibhushan, today asked his fellow countrymen to follow the guidelines issued to contain the spread of COVID-19.
In a message inscribed on a photograph taken in the eighties of his visit to Natraj, the green bookshop, the living legend and the pride of Uttarakhand wrote – Say Yes to Life & No to Death.
Later, speaking to Upendra Arora, the owner of the bookshop, Bahuguna said we all need to stand united to defeat the virus. He felt that the final answer to such life threatening issues and the way to stay alive was to respect the rights of planet earth.
Bahuguna has always urged the new generation to love, conserve and protect the natural heritage. He said he would like everyone to utilise their time at home to read and learn as much as they can about forests and wildlife. In order to stay protected, human kind would require to draw lessons on living in harmony with nature, he added. He deeply feels that the present global scenario has occurred to make humanity understand the harmony of its one true connection with nature, which was alienated over the years. He felt that whenever and where the environment was indiscriminately destroyed, the human inhabitants have invariably suffered.