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“Your Food Can Change Your Destiny”


‘Astrologer’ Nitin Manchanda, along with nutritionist Sakshi Lalwani, has put together a planet/zodiac based diet plan, to help you overcome your health problems and be in top shape.

Yes, that is true according to Nitin Manchanda, a celebrity astrologer, who is well supported by Sakshi Lalwani- a Nutritionist and a Healthcare manager. To put it clearly in their words, “Astrology profoundly explains that an individual’s life is deeply influenced by their planetary motions, and so are their daily life habits. What we eat, our preferred choice of clothing and even our mood and choice of words have a massive impact of the planetary vibrations.” Sakshi has expertise in making well balanced diet plans that not only help us to stay fit, but also keep us healthy in the long run. She believes that everything in our body from our mental ability, strength, attitude, personality, characteristics, inner peace, stability to our looks, body size and health, depends on the food we eat, therefore, we should be mindful of what we put in our mouths. While we are busy focussing our energies to observe and find out the superficial reasons to all our problems, including health and fitness related troubles, some of our tiny subtle habits, such as food likes and dislikes, colour preferences, cuisine choices, etc., give away the “real” reason behind it. Here Manchanda and Lalwani come in as guides and motivators to help you achieve that lifestyle change by altering certain food habits according to your planetary movements and zodiac signs, which will ultimately make you look younger, lose those unwanted kilos, stay energetic and revive your confidence. For instance, if your zodiac sign is Aries – it is ruled by the fire elements, which means they need to avoid spicy foods, as they can get heartburn easily. They need to include cooling food items in their diet which gives strength to their livers and kidneys, such as pineapple, eggs, boiled rice, tomatoes, yellow fruit juices, bananas- basically increase yellow, white and red foods in their diet to support Jupiter, Mars, Sun and Moon prevailing in their horoscope. They are soon coming to Dehradun, in your city, so stay tuned!!