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‘Yuva Ahwahan selects ‘Debater of Uttarakhand’



DEHRADUN, 19 Jul: A large number of students from various colleges participated in a debate held by ‘Yuva Ahawahan’ on 14 July in the Hall of the Circuit House Annexe to decide the ‘Debater of Uttarakhand’ on the subject “One Nation, One Election”. It was a very lively debate in which the youth participated with enthusiasm, bringing out all aspects of the topic specially the expenses incurred on holding elections and how these are likely to affect the morale of the people and issues which are National as well as local. The title of ‘Debater of Uttarakhand’ was won by Ujjwal Sharma. Praveen Rawat, who spoke for the subject, and Ashutosh Shrivastav, who spoke against, were declared the runners-up. The judges found it very difficult to decide as all the issues were hotly contested and they had to go for questions and counter questions. Certificates were distributed to all other participants. The function was inaugurated by Brig KG Behl (Retd), the patron, and Raghuveer Singh Bisht as the Chief Guest. Other guests included Manoj Dhyani, Rakesh Semwal, Manoj Patwal, Sumitra Dhyani, Prakash Gaur, Ishwar Bisht, Laxman Negi, Prashant Badoni, Ankit Kandari, Avneesh Malasi, Archana Bisht, Ishu Sharma, Naveen Sati, Ankit Bisht, Sanket Rana and Manmohan. The programme was conducted by Rishabh Rawat and Swati Dangwal.