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Zero transfer session declared in U’khand


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 24 May: The Uttarakhand Government has declared the current year, 2021-22, as a Zero Transfer Session, particularly in view of the Corona pandemic. Orders to this respect have been issued by Chief Secretary Om Prakash.
The orders make it clear that Covid curfew is in force in most places in the state and that economic activities are also on hold thereby affecting the financial condition of the government, too.
The order further states that there may be spread of Covid infection in case of transfer of government officials this year. Only transfers to be allowed in this session would be those necessitated by any election process or urgent administrative reason.
However, despite these orders, sources claim that some officials continue to lobby for transfer to postings of their choice by getting backdated transfer orders. It remains to be seen if some of them still manage to get postings of their choice or the order is strictly implemented without exception.
Generally, despite such zero sessions having been declared in the past, many officials have been managing to get transferred to choice postings in the past. In fact, some ministers, also remain interested in ordering some transfers despite the zero transfer session if the past record is any indication of what happens.
Today’s order supersedes the earlier orders issued on 19 February, 2021, under which transfers were recommended for ten percent of the posts in departments where transfers are routine.