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ONGC takes care of its retired veterans: Alka Mittal


34 Veteran ONGCIANS honoured on International Day of Older Persons

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 8 Oct: On the occasion of International Day of Older Persons, 34 ONGC officers who have attained the age of 80 plus were honoured today by the Chief Guest, and former CMD of ONGC Alka Mittal, Executive Director KDMIPE SN Chitnis, and President Management & Leadership Development Centre (New Delhi) and former Director HR ONGC Dr Jauhari Lal.
Among those who were honoured included, some Ex-ONGCIANS who were 90 Plus, including GC Raghuveer, former Member Finance, who had crossed 93 years.
As per the UNO Resolution International Day of Older Persons is celebrated all over the world on 1 Oct of each year. The main objective of the celebration is to recognise and appreciate the services rendered by the elderly persons to the society and ti their respective organisations, during their tenure before their retirement from service. This function was organized with a view to give a sense of confidence and dignity ti the retired ONGCIAN’s and give them the feeling that they are still cared by their organisation ONGC.
The function was organised by MLDC, which has been organizing training and development programmes for various organisations on behavioural areas and especially for those who are due to retire from the service of their organisations. By now, MLDC has organised more than 450 such training programmes titled, “Planning for Superannuation”. MLDC had also organised in the past such functions at various work centres of ONGC, including Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ankaleshwar, Mehsana, Bombay, etc. This was tenth Programme in this series.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jauhari Lal stated that, the elderly persons ought to make every endeavour to enjoy their life. It was for them to make this period as golden period of their life. He mentioned in great details the 6 sutras for making their life Healthy, Happy and Blissful. He said that these sutras were Swasthay, Satsang, Swadhyay, Sewa, Sadhana and Swablamban. He laid  great emphasis to give top priority for their health by way of morning and evening walks, doing pranayama, doing physical exercise and also meditation.
Chief Guest and former CMD ONGC Dr Alka Mittal, felt very happy to meet and see a large number of pillars of ONGC. She mentioned that ONGC was what it was today, because of the hard labour and dedicated services rendered by the veterans. She also mentioned that because of seniors ONGC not only enjoyed a good reputation worldwide but also can boast of a good culture. She gave her own example as to how she has been finding time to go for morning walks and also do some sadhana. She mentioned that music is an excellent instrument for mental and emotional relaxation. She reminded the veteran ONGCIANS that they do not have to worry about their future since ONGC had taken responsibility of their Health Care. While seeing the large gathering of seniors, she mentioned that she could see the image of her father in each and every veteran present there. She also mentioned that she had special relation with Dehradun since she was born here.
SN Chitnis , ED of KDMIPE added that age was just a number and if one did not mind it did not matter. Age was an inevitable factor and one had to reconcile and make the best use of the situation and circumstances. He thanked each and every person present for their contribution to ONGC and for helping make it what it was today. He sought blessings of seniors for the wellbeing and future of ONGC.
There were 3 presentations during the second session namely by Dr Gitanjali Jugran, Dr Nitin Chawla of ONGC Medical Services and Prateek Pathak, Director MLDC. Dr Gitanjali mentioned about ‘Sacha Sukh, Nirogi Kaya’ and in the presentation conveyed details about Balanced Diet and avoidable harmful food for the elderly persons. She also mentioned how elderly persons could remain fit by taking leafy vegetables and natural Vitamin-C.
Dr Nitin Chawla, listed 12 points for leading a very healthy life. The points mentioned by him included physical exercise, taking healthy diet, leading carefree life, and enjoying their life doing what they liked to do which gave them happiness. They have to find time for themselves and should be self-reliant.
Prateek Pathak stressed upon developing the positive attitude in their life. He quoted Buddha, ‘What we think, so we become’.
The deliberations were summed up by Dr D Dutta, Former ED Medical services, ONGC and also discussed some of the doubts of the participants. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by GS Pundeer, President of ONGC Retired Employees Association Dehradun. The programme entitled Healthy Ageing, Ageing with Grace was widely acclaimed by the participants who had gathered in large numbers and thanked ONGC Dehradun for giving them an opportunity, for this get- together and meeting after a very long time and to listen to words of wisdom.