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Rajesh Kumar conducts surprise inspection of under construction health projects



DEHRADUN, 8 Aug: Secretary In charge and Mission Director National Health Mission (NHM) Dr R Rajesh Kumar today conducted a surprise inspection of several under construction health infrastructure projects in Dehradun and Haridwar. Speaking on this occasion, he claimed that the Health Department was committed to strengthening the health services in the state and make its benefits accessible to the common man. Kumar, inspected the under construction Cancer Hospital in Harrawala, Dehradun, Urban Community Health Centre in, Bhupatwala, Haridwar and Maternal and Child Health Wing, Women Wing of the Hospital in Haridwar.

It may be recalled that the 300bed cancer hospital being built at a cost of Rs 106 crore in Harrawala, Dehradun under the Health Department, Uttarakhand, National Health Mission, had been approved in the name of Shakuntala Rani Sardari Lal Oberoi Government Maternity Cancer Hospital. The construction agency of Cancer Hospital apprised Dr Kumar, that about 55 percent work has been completed and the remaining construction work would be completed by March 2023. During the inspection, the in-charge secretary Dr Kumar expressed displeasure over the slow progress and directed that quality work be ensured along with timely completion of the project.

Later, Dr Kumar conducted an on-site inspection of the 30-bedded Urban Community Health Centre, Bhupatwala, being built at a cost of Rs.9.5 crore in Haridwar district. During the inspection, it was found by the Secretary-in-Charge that the construction work was being done at a very slow pace, in respect of which he expressed displeasure and directed the under-construction agency to complete the work by the stipulated time limit of June 2023.

Kumar later reached the under construction 200 bedded Maternal and Child Health Wing, Women’s Hospital, Haridwar, being built at a cost of Rs 39 crore. There during the inspection, it was claimed by the executive agency that the construction work would be completed within the stipulated deadline of March 2023. The secretary-in-charge asked the construction agency to send the proposal of a connecting corridor to the department at the earliest to connect the district hospital, Haridwar with the women’s hospital.

Kumar also directed Dr Kumar Khagendra Singh, Chief Medical Officer, Haridwar to apprise the development progress of all the works every 15 days and before the completion of the construction works, regarding the procurement of the medical equipment and equipment so that as soon as the construction work was completed, the common man could start getting benefit.

Kumar also inquired about the sanctioned strength of the medicos required at the under construction hospitals from the officers concerned during the inspection.