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‘Uttarakhand Ki Patrakarita’ will become valuable reference book in future: Arun Pratap Singh


Book on history of journalism in U’khand launched

By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 12 Nov: On the first day of the VoW Arts and Literature Festival, a book titled ‘Uttarakhand Ki Patrakarita’ written by Dr MR Saklani Muneendra was among the books launched. In addition, there was a discussion on the book as well on journalism in general.

Veteran journalist Upendra Kumar Sharma chaired the session, while senior journalist Arun Pratap Singh and senior journalist Jitendra Anthwal held a conversation with the author, Dr Saklani. The book traces the history of journalism in India since pre-Independence days till the present times. Published by Asha Publication of Dehradun, it is a first such effort to really compile the information since the pre-Independence era till the present times.

Speaking on the occasion, senior journalist Arun Pratap Singh appreciated the efforts to compile useful information made by the author Dr MR Saklani and said it would become a valuable reference book in times to come, as no such compilation existed before. Mentioning that some important information regarding the contribution of some journalists of Uttarakhand was missing, Singh added that it was natural because the author was bound by lack of adequate references available. Singh also suggested that, in case of any revision in future editions of the book, such missing information could be added and also a chapter of the media’s role in the agitation for statehood in Uttarakhand would be a relevant one to add value to the book.

Veteran journalist Upendra Kumar Sharma also praised the book and the effort of the author to compile the valuable information. Jitendra Anthwal also reminded that, beginning from Almora and Nainital, Uttarakhand had a rich history of publications. Many of them were published from Dehradun and Mussoorie.

Some guests also asked questions. Dr Sushil Upadhyay asked if commercialisation had ended the missionary mode in journalism and whether professionalism is leading to compromise in quality of reporting and writing. Singh responded that, in its own way, professionalism is not a bad phenomenon. Of course, journalism in India including in Uttarakhand had begun as a mission. However, financial resources are crucial and it was for this reason most activists could not sustain their publications for a long time and, soon enough industrialists came to invest in the newspaper industry. He added that newspapers do not gain much by hiding news as, in such an eventuality, social media would counter them in the present times.

Former DGP Anil Raturi, Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, academician Dr Sushil Upadhyay, Narendra Singh, journalist Ajit Singh and journalist Virendra Dangwal were among those present on the occasion.