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Cardiac ICU to begin functioning at AIIMS Rishikesh by January end



Rishikesh, 1 Jan: AIIMS Rishikesh is going to start treatment based on world-class facilities for heart patients in the New Year. For this, the work of setting up a cardiac intensive care unit in the cardiology department is speedily underway. This unit will start functioning from the last week of January, so that all types of heart diseases can be treated with high level technology at one place. Also, with the development of new techniques in the cardiology department of AIIMS, now various heart rate treatments have also become easier.
AIIMS Rishikesh is taking new initiatives in collaboration with high level medical technology and a team of expert doctors.
AIIMS Director Professor Ravikant stated that a special ICU has been set up in the cardiac intensive care unit, where patients with heart attack and heart failure will be treated with an elaborate high-tech based medical system. Complex cases of heart attack will also be diagnosed at AIIMS Rishikesh at a speedy pace. Central monitoring of the patient’s heart disease will be undertaken. He mentioned that that the Cath Lab of this department was started in the first week of December. Since its inception, the number of patients with angioplasty problems was continuously increasing, with successful and complete treatment being provided. Currently, about 100 angioplasty patients, including heart attack patients, are arriving every month for treatment.
According to Professor Manoj Gupta, Dean of AIIMS, a first of its kind in North India Azurian Cath Lab has been set up in the cardiology department of AIIMS. It is not only a boon for cardiovascular patients, but has also been included for evidence-based practice in the educational curriculum of cardiology students.
HOD Professor Bhanu Duggal of the Department of Cardiology said that the replacement of the heart’s aortic valve has been made possible without surgery after the cath lab was installed. He said that, so far, 2 patients of heart disease have successfully had Trans Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). He said that the technique of closing the congenital hole in the heart of infants in AIIMS without surgery is proving very effective.
AIIMS Medical Superintendent Professor Brahma Prakash said that the cardiology department is equipped with the most advanced echocardiography machines, which are capable of showing 3D images. Doctor Dibendu Khanra, Assistant Professor of Cardiology Department, pointed out that, till now, around 50 patients used to seek treatment for heart failure and heart attack every month, but with the setting up of the unit, it would now be possible to treat many more. Arrhythmia is also being treated in AIIMS with radio frequency ablation. Under the guidance of Dr Yash Shrivastava, the intensive care unit of Children’s Cardiology is also going to start so soon. Dr Varun Kumar and Dr Rohit Walia are contributing to this effort.