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CM inaugurates ‘Hyper Converged Infrastructure State Data Centre’



Dehradun, 26 Nov: Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat inaugurated the country’s first Hyper Converged Infrastructure State Data Centre in Dehradun on Monday. It is a 3-tier State Data Centre developed by the Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) of the Uttarakhand gGovernment. It is the first data centre in the country with 100 per cent software based Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) technology. It has 105 terabyte capacity, which can be expanded up to 12 petabyte. It has all citizen-centric services.

The event was organised at the ITDA in the IT Park, Sahastradhara Road.

The Chief Minister, while congratulating the team of the Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) for successfully completing the State Data Centre before the deadline, said it was important to start and complete government projects in a time bound manner. “We have to develop a system that completes projects in time. This will also remove the shortcomings of our system. Efforts are being made that a certain part of every department’s budget is spent on IT and technical development. The state was waiting for the State Data Centre for a long time,” said the Chief Minister.

He further said that the state-of-the-art data centre, which had been established, today, was based on modern and green technology. He expected that efforts would be made to soon connect the State Data Centre with Solar Energy. The state government is going to work on the use of solar power in all government buildings. The Data Centre would definitely benefit the state. Information on all departments of the government would be available at one place and, simultaneously, activities would speed up and save energy.

It would provide all types of safe, reliable, efficient and all-time available digital services to the different departments of the State Government. This would play an important role in realising the vision of the Prime Minister’s Digital India.

According to the ITDA, the Data Centre is a one-level (3-tier) structure. It is developed on the latest technology based on Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI). It has been developed on the Green Concept to reduce the use of electricity and increase efficiency. All citizen-centric services will be accessible. The time and money being spent on the basic building infrastructure would be saved. It will also reduce burden on the public exchequer. It would help in integrating the online database of different government departments at one place. Government departments will be able to provide the benefits of citizen services more easily among the public. A modern biometric system and 24×7 CCTV surveillance makes the State Data Centre even more secure and reliable.