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Complaints on CM helpline should be resolved to people’s satisfaction: CS


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 19 Sep: Chief Secretary Dr SS Sandhu held a meeting with senior officials regarding the disposal of complaints under the CM Helpline at the Secretariat, here, today. The Chief Secretary stressed that the purpose of the CM Helpline is to resolve the problems of the common man. If genuine grievances of common citizens are not addressed within the stipulated time, then there would be no use of such a huge system. He directed that the officials assigned duty at the CM Helpline would have to work every day to resolve the complaints received over the portal or other means in order to ensure that all the problems are resolved within a reasonable time frame.

The Chief Secretary further asserted that unless the complainant is satisfied, the complaint would not be considered as disposed of. He instructed all the officers that the Head of the Department had not been included in the L3 level, and they ought to be included in L3 level so that they also could be held accountable. He also observed that there is a need to make changes in the system from L1 to L4 level to ensure greater accountability.

The Chief Secretary said the officers should see what kind of complaints are coming continuously and fix their category. If a particular type of complaint comes regularly, then the deficiency in the department concerned would need to be fixed. The system ought to be improved by identifying such cases. He also directed ITDA, the nodal department of CM Helpline, to send the ranking list to the departments keeping the poor performing departments at the top in redressal of complaints. Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, Principal Secretary L Fanai, Secretaries Dilip Jawalkar, Arvind Singh Hyanki,  Ravinath Raman, Dr Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Dr R Rajesh Kumar, Director, ITDA, Amit Sinha and other high officials were present.