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Cong opposing anti encroachment law to  protect interests of land mafia: Manveer Chauhan

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun 9 Jul:  BJP’s state media in charge and senior party leader Manveer Chauhan today accused the Congress party of opposing a strict anti encroachment law in order to protect the interests of the land mafia. While speaking informally with the media persons at the party’s state headquarters here today. Chauhan claimed that it has become a habit of Congress leaders to oppose every decision of the BJP Government.
Chauhan claimed that the Congress, which was once opposed to even the formation of the state, still finds itself standing against the people’s interest in the state. He claimed that by opposing the antiencroachment law proposed by the BJP Government, the Congress was trying to give protection to the land mafia.
The BJP State Media in charge claimed further that Congress is not concerned about issues of public concern and that is why it keeps on opposing any work done or decision taken in the public interest by the state government. The opposition to this amendment law clearly shows that the hands of the Congress are with the land mafia. The Congress wants to save those who have encroached upon the lands of the residents of the state by spreading confusion in the guise of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and other class lands, Chauhan asserted.
He asserted that the state has been facing the problem of encroachment on government and private land for a long time. Due to which, many years are often spent by the litigants fighting the cases in various courts and due to absence of a strong law against encroachments, encroachers manage to escape getting punished and the the incidents of land grab or forgery are continuously increasing. The government’s action of bringing a law with provision of maximum punishment of 10 years for those convicted for crime is commendable.
Chauhan alleged that this protest politics of the Congress is an attempt to save its people engaged in the business of illegal grabbing of public land. This is not the first attempt by the Congress to oppose the rights of the people of the state. Even before this, when the country’s strictest anti-copying law was brought in to secure the future of the youth and establish a uniform transparent recruitment process, they protested fiercely. But the Dhami government stood firm on this law brought with a good intention and policy and as a result successful conduct of examinations one after the other is in front of everyone.
Similarly, the opposition strongly opposed the strict anti mass and forced conversion law and tried to spread hatred in the society, but due to the commitment of the BJP government, today this law has become a threat to those conspiring to change the demography.
He said that the Congress will have to understand the fact that the government is bringing this law in the interest of the people of the state. Therefore, when it will be presented in the House, whatever suggestions they have to make, they can share there. But even before the constitutional process, the public will not accept the complete rejection of this attempt by the Congress to take political advantage and save the land mafia.