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‘Cow’ urges MLA Savita Kapoor to address issues plaguing Doon’s dairies


By Our Staff Reporter                   

Dehradun, 1 Jun: A volunteer from animal protection group ‘Mercy For Animals India Foundation’ dressed in a cow costume and submitted a representation to Cantonment MLA Savita Kapoor, today, highlighting the suffering of animals in illegal dairies.

Volunteers from the Foundation met MLA Kapoor and urged her to address the distressing issues plaguing dairies in her jurisdiction. The memorandum highlighted that the animals are subjected to unhygienic conditions and confined to cramped spaces, which not only compromise their well-being but contribute to the spread of diseases. Moreover, many dairies engage in cruel practices, such as administering injections of the illegal hormone oxytocin; separating calves from their mothers and tethering them in open areas without proper shelter; and even starving calves, especially males, who are of no commercial value to the dairy industry.

“Several dairies operating in Dehradun are flouting legal provisions and operating without necessary registrations from local authorities,” said Niharika Kapoor, organising coordinator at Mercy For Animals India Foundation. “These dairies lack the essential ‘consent to operate’ and ‘consent to establish’ from the state pollution control board, thereby posing a significant threat to the environment and public health.”

Mercy For Animals is a charity focused exclusively on reducing farmed animal suffering and creating a just and sustainable food system. It believes that together people can create a world free of cruelty, a world where they can nurture their bodies, minds, and spirits with wholesome, healthy food that is kind to animals and sustainable for the planet.