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Delusional Narrative


On the day when Prime Minister Modi was busting the Trump mediation fable in Biarritz, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was continuing with his delusional narrative under which the Kashmiris would get enough of themselves killed at the hands of the security forces, thereby forcing the international community to act. What this action would be, he did not say, but somewhere down his line of thinking it involves the use of nuclear weapons. Everybody would get radioactively toasted, including the Kashmiris for all the trouble they would have taken on Pakistan’s behalf. Because, after all, the purpose of it all is that Kashmir become part of Pakistan.
There is much concern in Pakistan about the lack of interest among the Muslim ‘Ummah’ for the Kashmir situation. The salt has been thoroughly rubbed into the wounds with UAE presenting its highest civilian award to PM Modi. Then Bahrain released Indian prisoners as a gesture of goodwill following Modi’s visit to that Kingdom. Why should so many countries spoil their relations with India just so that Pakistan’s desire to grab land can be satisfied?
If it is about concern for the sufferings of fellow Muslims, Pakistan should recall how it treated the East Pakistanis before and during the 1971 war. Even in the present, the Rohingyas are only receiving lip service from Pakistan and have not been provided refuge or succour of any sort. In fact, many of this community are only the latest wave of the many oppressed that have found refuge in India. The less said the better about those displaced by the Syrian war that seek and find refuge in Western countries, being ignored almost totally by countries in their region. And, perhaps, the Pakistan PM should shed tears for the persecuted Muslims in the Xinjiang province of beloved ally China! If it is human rights he is concerned about, how about Tibet, which suffers under the People’s Liberation Army jackboot?
Imran Khan is welcome to pursue Pakistan’s agenda, but he is being naïve if he thinks other nations will help fulfill it. In fact, the way he is going about it is as though he is an Indian politician – making common cause with those who abhor PM Modi, the RSS and ‘Hindutva’. If the Pakistanis continue to think in this way, over time they may well begin asking why they demanded a separate country in the first place. Imran may like to play Indian politics, but he would find the likes of Asaduddin Owaisi so much better at it.