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Devotees line up to obtain Mahant’s blessings at Darbar Sahib


DEHRADUN, 26 Mar: After the raising of the Holy Flagpole, ‘Shri Jhandeji’on Monday, immense enthusiasm was noticed today also among the ‘sangats’ at the Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib, here. Since morning, long queues of devotees began to form to obtain ‘darshan’ of Mahant Devendra Dass.
The Mahant gave ‘darshan’ to the devotees and showered blessings on them. The devotees also offered obeisance to the ‘Jhandeji’ and prayed for their wishes to be fulfilled.
In his address, the Mahant urged the ‘Sangat’ to lead an ideal life, care for the environment, stay away from addiction and get rid of social evils. He also spoke about attaining ‘Moksha’ and becoming free of the cycle of life and death. All were asked to ensure they played a role in nation-building by becoming ideal persons and ideal families. He delivered the ‘Guru Mantra’ and spoke about the significance of ‘Guru Mahima’.
On Wednesday, the annual ‘Nagar Parikramma’ will be carried out under the leadership of Mahant Devendra Dass. The Doonites are all also well-prepared for the historic procession. It will begin at 9:30 a.m. Over 25,000 devotees will participate.
Senior Public Relations Officer of Darbar Sahib Bhupender Raturi disclosed that, as per tradition, the ‘Nagar Parikramma’ is carried out on the third day after the raising of the ‘Jhandeji’. The ‘Nagar Parikramma’ will begin from the Darbar Sahib premises, reach Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School, Bindal, via Saharanpur Chowk and Kanwali Road. Here the ‘Sangat’ will be distributed the ‘prasadam’ of ‘Chana, murmura and Gur’. From there, the procession will reach Saharanpur Chowk via Tilak Road, Tagore Villa, Clock-Tower then Paltan Bazaar and from there will reach Lakhi Bagh. After that the ‘Nagar Parikramma’ will pay obeisance at the ‘Samadhi Sthal’ of the past Mahants and then end at the Darbar Sahib at 1:30 p.m. Doonites have arranged for grand welcomes and refreshment for the ‘Nagar Parikramma’ on its way.