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GNA Sports Day: Jujhar House wins Best House Trophy


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 13 Nov: Guru Nanak Academy celebrated its Annual Sports Day on 9 November. The sports field was gayly decorated with colourful shamianas and buntings, giving the place a festive air.

The Chief Guest at the event was Dr Prem Kashyap and the Guest of Honour was Major General Shammi Sabharwal (Retd). Other dignitaries were the school’s management team consisting of Chairman Harcharan Singh Pasricha, Vice Chairman Vimal Deep Singh, the School Consultant, Dr Annie Singh, Principal DPS Gupta, board members Sukvinder Singh and Navjot Singh, as well as other VIPs.

The event began with the March Past by the students of the four houses – Ajit House, Fateh House, Jujhar House and Zorawar House. After the March Past, the students were addressed by Dr Prem Kashyap. He then declared the Sports Meet open with the release of balloons in the colours of the four houses.

The highlights of the day’s events were the ‘Yoga’ exercises performed by the students of classes VI & VII, the energetic ‘Zumba’ dance drew a lot of applause and cheers from the parents and other onlookers. The inter-house relays caused a lot of excitement among the students of the four houses as they egged their teams to greater efforts to win. The ‘Slow Cycle Race’ was won by Athrav Naithani, and the hurdles by Akshat Singh. The Tug-of-War for both boys and girls between classes XIIA & XIIB were also performed. The winner in both categories – Boys and Girls – was class XIIA.

The Mass Drill performed by the students of classes VI to XII stole the show as the students performed intricate and synchronised exercises in perfect unison and grace.

At the close, the students eagerly awaited to hear who were the overall winners. Jujhar House was declared champion and won the ‘Best House’ Trophy. It also won the March Past Trophy. Ajit House won the ‘Best House in All Activities’ Trophy.

Shubhankar Kala of Zorawar House was declared Best Junior School Athlete (Boys), while Tanisha of Jujhar House was adjudged Best Junior School Athlete (Girls). In the senior category Arman Chettri of Ajit House and Khyati Thapa of Jujhar House were declared Best Athletes respectively. Uttakarsh Goswami – Head Boy and Aditi Sharma – Head Girl won the Best All Rounder Trophy for the year 2023-2024 in the Boys and Girls categories, respectively.

The Trophies were given away by the Management Team, Board Members, the Principal and the School Consultant.

In his concluding speech, Principal DPS Gupta congratulated all the winners and students. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Sports Captain, Khyati Thapa, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.