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Graphic Era water purification tech receives patent


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 6 Jul: Two scientists of Graphic Era Deemed University have invented a new technique of water purification. It is also cheap as it uses solar energy. The Central Government registered the patent in the name of Graphic Era.

Anuj Raturi and Dr Desh Bandhu Singh, teachers in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Graphic Era, have invented this technique. It purifies water by distillation but does not require electricity or fire, only solar energy. Special equipment was developed for this. Distilled water can be obtained by pouring any kind of water through it.

Distilled water is used in medicines, cosmetics, chemical solvents, batteries and automobiles. It can also be used at home.  Anuj Raturi stated that rain water can also be stored and converted into distilled water very easily and at less cost. The patent has been given to the university for the next 20 years.

Describing this invention as very useful for the country and the world, President, Graphic Era Group of Institutions, Dr Kamal Ghanshala, expressed satisfaction that, in two years, more than half a dozen new inventions have been made in Graphic Era. A kit prepared to diagnose typhoid is going to come out in the market soon.  Steps are also being taken to bring the benefits of this new discovery to the common person.  He congratulated both the teachers on this wonderful achievement.