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Himalayan Hospital Sets New Record In Kidney Transplant



DEHRADUN, 19 Jul: Transplant surgeons at the Nephrology Department of Himalayan Hospital, Jolly Grant worked with competence and passion and succeeded in performing a very challenging kidney transplant earlier this week.

A patient named Pankaj (29), resident of Doiwala arrived at Himalayan Hospital in very critical condition. His heart had failed along with both his kidneys. But transplant surgeons worked on him with adeptness, and provided all the follow-up care to ensure that the transplant was successful. The patient is now healthy and has been discharged from the hospital.

It needs to be mentioned here that Pankaj’s first kidney transplant was done in 2017, which failed due to illness and Covid. The patient was again on dialysis. He and his family had to visit the hospital frequently.

At times the problem of the patient increased due to kidney complications and at other times due to heart complications. The patient underwent treatment under the supervision of Dr. Vikas Chandel and reinforced his desire to get a second kidney transplant. The patient and his family met Dr. Karmaveer Singh in the Transplant Surgery OPD. He got the patient undergo some necessary tests.

The patient’s wife Priya was willing to donate her kidney, for which she was examined. During the investigations, it was found that all the organs of the kidney donor were inverted, which is a condition called situs iversus in medical science. In this the kidney donor’s left kidney was on the right side and the right kidney was on the left side. The kidney that was to be transplanted from the donor had a double artery. In this situation, the kidney had to be transplanted on the left side. Pankaj’s first kidney transplant was done on the right side. His heart complications meant that both surgical and medical challenges had to be dealt with simultaneously. Counseling of patient and family was most significant.

The team of doctors took formal approval to do this difficult transplant after explaining to the patient and his family what all risks were involved. They apprised them about the current and later problems.

Finally after the surgery was successfully accomplished, Dr. Karmaveer Singh and team gave the credit for its success to Priya, the patient’s wife. He said that the patient and his family reposed trust in the operating team and faced every problem with patience.

Once the consent of the relatives was received, under the leadership of Dr. Karmaveer Singh, Dr. Gurjit, Dr. Parul, Dr. Harish, Dr. Anurag Rawat, Dr. Rajiv Sarpal, Dr. Shikhar Agarwal, Dr. Shahbaz Ahmed, Dr. Mamta Goyal, Dr. Prachi Kala’s successfully carried out the very challenging kidney transplant. Vice Chancellor Dr. Vijay Dhasmana and Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. SL Jethani congratulated the entire team of doctors on the favorable outcome of their combined effort. Dr. Gurjit and Dr. Parul revealed how giving anesthesia to the patient was an arduous task, as the patient’s heart had almost ceased to function due to the break down of both the kidneys. During the transplant, the patient was placed on a breathing and heart-monitoring machine. After the transplant, the patient was shifted to the ward after removing the machine. Dr. Karmveer Singh and Dr. Vikas Chandel explained that the kidney transplant process came with several stumbling blocks, because of which the patient had to be kept in the ICU. In the ICU the patient’s condition improved under the supervision of Dr. Deepak Goyal, the in-charge of ICU and his team including Dr. Sonu, Dr. Rahul Chauhan and Dr. Nand Kishore.

Specially trained kidney transplant team Dr. Karmaveer Singh has received special training for ‘Combined Organ Transplant of Multiple Organ Failure Patients’ and Transplant Surgery of patients whose earlier transplant organ has failed. He informed that Himalayan Hospital is now able to accomplish the above with help of a specialized team working with state of art technology.