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ICS holds Annual Educational Exhibition



Dehradun, 22 Oct: The annual exhibition was held today at ‘The Indian Cambridge School, Dalanwala.
The Chief Guest on the Day was Nirmala Semwal, a social activist, who was escorted by the School Director, Principal Rachana Srivastava, coordinators Rubina Siddiqui, Raj Srivastava and Kanchan Negi.
The exhibition engaged children and teachers to energise experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel.
Many Models were displayed by classes 1 to 12.
Most of the exhibits were based on the theme, ‘Nature’.
The school auditorium became a celebration of Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Arts & Craft, Mathematics, etc., as young enthusiasts vehemently beckoned visitors to view their exhibits.
There were various posters hanging on the walls that contained diagrams, pictures, statements, etc.
The Parent-Teacher Meet was also conducted on the same day.
Pre-primary and Primary students prepared artifacts from waste material like paper, thermocol, bottles, CDs, canes, disposable cups and plates, ice-cream sticks, pulses, etc. Everyone present on the day appreciated the effort put in by the students and the teachers.
In the Physics exhibition, several interesting models were displayed. Live activities were also performed by the students. In the Chemistry exhibition, the projects were on the water cycle, water harvesting, water purification, food adulteration, etc. The biology exhibition had an eco- friendly turn with exhibits on saving water, acid rain, etc. The main focus in the Mathematics exhibition was a practical application of mathematics in daily life, incorporating the theme ‘Nature’. In Social Science, the project exhibits were water dams, features of a river, evolution of Humans, layers of the atmosphere, etc. The language department showcased the exhibits in two languages taught at the school namely, English and Hindi. It came as essays, letters, reviews, brochures, games, etc. The Hindi department explored short stories and writers on nature. The English department encouraged children to read writers on nature. Working models were based on sentence formation, tenses, antonyms, prefixes, and the sentence wheel.
The Art Department used waste material like paper, ice-cream sticks, cardboard, etc., to make the models such as waterfalls, green tree with nest, house, temple, etc.