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Regular exercise, balanced diet & sunlight exposure necessary for good health: Dr BKS Sanjay


DEHRADUN, 3 Jan: A free orthopaedic camp and a public awareness lecture were held at Kalgeedhar Singh Sabha, Gurudwara, Chhidderwala, organised by Sanjay Orthopaedics, Spine and Maternity Centre on Wednesday.
Information related to arthritis, back pain, and road safety was provided. Nowadays, road accidents had become an epidemic, it was stated. About 1.5 lakh people died every year. These accidents not only caused economic loss to the family, but, to the entire society and the country. For affected families, there were mental, social and financial problems.
These views were expressed by orthopaedic and spine surgeon Dr Gaurav Sanjay on the occasion. He appealed to the patients and relatives to get together to solve this problem. The cheapest and effective solution to this problem was that all should follow the traffic rules on the road.
Dr BKS Sanjay spoke about the main causes of arthritis, back pain and their symptoms. He said that pain, stiffness and swelling were the main symptoms of arthritis in the joints. He also said that every joint pain was not arthritis.
The reason for back and muscular pain in elderly people could be osteoporosis, lack of calcium and Vitamin D. Regular exercise, consumption of milk, curd and exposure to sunlight were the simple measures to improve health in aged people. As many as 69 patients came with various types of bone disease to this free consultation camp and were examined by the doctors.