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Taxi owners object to illegal operation of scooties in Mussoorie


Mussoorie, 4 Aug: The Mussoorie Taxi Car Owners’ Association has submitted a memorandum to the SDM objecting to the unauthorised operation of taxi scooties in Mussoorie.
Sunder Singh Panwar, Secretary, Mussoorie Taxi Car Owners’ Association, said that the permit had been issued by the RTO to operate taxi scooties in Mussoorie as per certian conditions, including the selected parking spots. Taxi scooties ought to be operated from the place shown in the permit, but these were being operated from the shops of Gandhi Chowk and Picture Palace in without any permission and have created a lot of chaos by parking on the Mall Road.
Panwar added that, in the past, the Municipal President and the Association had also demanded action from the RTO in this regard, but nothing had been done. The spirit of the scooty operators was high as a result. He said that the government had started the scheme of operating taxi scooties to provide employment, but the owners of big hotels in Mussoorie were operating the scooties, he said. It was demanded that a meeting be held with all the scooty operators with the RTO, CO Mussoorie and Municipal President. They needed to be instructed to operate according to the rules. He warned that, if this was not done, the Mussoorie Taxi Car Owners; Association would hand over the papers and keys of all their taxis to SDM Mussoorie. The taxis would all be parked outside the SDM’s office.