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The flow of pure thoughts


By Acharya Balkrishna

We must always live with the following spirit :
Those pure thoughts that have ennobled me, boosted my self-confidence and have continuously propelled me on the path of struggle and persverance, I am sure they will awaken each and every individual of the country as well and thus, will increase the self-esteem of the nation. In this way, our country will touch the pinnacle of success and shall lead the world.
Thoughts are our greatest strength, sublime thoughts save me from performing any evil actions. These sublime thoughts equip me with necessary strength to fight against adversities and difficulties. With the power of thoughts and determination, I will transform every defeat into victory and emerge stronger from every difficult situation whatsoever.
Life is like a farm and thoughts are like the seeds sown in it. As our thoughts, so will be our personality, behaviour, attitude and conduct.
The flow of divine and pure thoughts is life; whereas any hindrance in the flow of such thoughts is death. We can live through our thoughts for ages to come.
The internal language of our silent thoughts and sentiments can be experienced from the reaction of others.
Every thought is a cause, and every situation a result. It is a fact that whatever you do unto others, is what you do to yourself.
Purity of thoughts is indeed the mahavrata: of non-violence, truth etc. This purity itself stands for morality, spirituality and humanity.
The impurities of thoughts is the cause for many malices such as violence, crime, brutality, exploitation, injustice, unrighteousness and corruption. Never think awfully of others, because thinking foul of others means thinking foul of our ownself.
Pure thoughts form the foundation for pure food, behaviour, conduct and a pure life. Thinking good for others means you are thinking good for yourself.
Firmness in thoughts acts as a bridge to success. Purity in thoughts itself signifies the unity of the society.
Our entire life is the result of thoughts. Thoughts are the seeds of this life-like tree. Great thoughts is the foundation for every kind of happiness.
Inculcating samskara (values) through pure thoughts and firm determination, eventually leads one to reach the heights of greatness.
To be thoughtful is humanity and to be devoid of thoughts is bestiality.
The flow of pure thoughts is the source of harmonious and effective speech.
Purity in thoughts is the solution to every problem.
Divine thoughts form the backone of any healthy, prosperous and powerful nation.
Each one of us must always think that my life is for the service of the nation, of its people and for God– our mind must always be filled this spirit.
Listening to thoughts is like picking up flowers and contemplating on them is like beading a garland.
The great and generous thoughts that we habitually think, transform into great actions.
A thoughtful and value-oriented person becomes prosperous and great; whereas a person devoid of any wise thoughts and good samskara (values) becomes penniless, poverty stricken and disrespectful.
A person lost in a crowd can easily be traced out, but the life of a person lost in the vicious jungle of thoughts, is full of darkness when he is. A person trapped in the web of negative and evil thoughts ends his life in a way much similar to a spider which loses its own life by trapping itself in its own woven web.
Senility is not age factor, rather a result of thoughts. If someone has energy, power, vigour, bravery and self-esteem in his thoughts, then he is young irrespective of his physical age. Gautama Buddha referred to this power of thoughts and said, “We are what we think”.
The objective of this life is to control the continuous flow of thoughts.
Invest so much time for self-upliftment that you don’t have any time to invest in defaming others.
Self-awakening is the only solution to every adversity and trouble.
Extraordinary thoughts are the greatest power and wealth. Thought is the greatest strength of this world.
Impure thoughts: such as-violence, hatred, anger and revenge can make a person cruel or criminal; whereas pure thoughts can make a person progressive, national, spiritual and humanitarian.
Impure thoughts are the root cause for various problems such as violence, stress, crime, murder and suicide, similarly negative thoughts are the root cause of flaws like frustration, prejudices and egoism.
If impure thoughts defame the character of a person and lead him to terrorism, naxalism, maoism, regionalism, racism and other heinous fields meant for the destruction of mankind, and thereby force him to barter his body, religion and honour, then, pure thoughts build the character of a person.
Impure thoughts can germinate seeds of hatred and aversion, similarly pure thoughts can be utilised to blossom flowers of mercy, love, compassion, affection and divine spirits in an individual.
If impure thoughts are used to break the society by prompting a person to commit violence, crime and anarchy, then pure thoughts can also be harnessed in a person to awaken the spirit of divinity and thus bring unity in the society .
Diet is the foundation for physical growth, similarly thoughts are the foundation of our mind, intellect, and emotional growth.
Inhygienic and unbalanced diet leads to malnutrition in a person, similarly unbalanced thoughts pave way to form misconceptions in the life of an individual and these misconceptions of thought are the main causes for corruption, violence, crime and lack of peace.
Our own good or bad thoughts, not some other person or situations; are the causes for our happiness or sorrows. Hence, we should not feel sorry for the things that are not in our control.
Truth is universally one, but untruth is personal and therefore manifold in number.
Thoughts are like flowing water. If we add dirt to it, it will become a sewage line, but if we add perfume to it, it will turn into gagajala (the purest and the holiest water)
Money earned by means of perseverance, honesty and truth gives happiness in every way, but, earning by adopting means of deception results in sorrows. It must not be forgotten that pocket is money’s proper place and not the head.
It is not required to have more relations in life, rather relations should be full of life. We need to skillfully maintain every relation. Good relations never require promises and conditions… only two beautiful person are needed, one who manages it and the other to understand it.
That which makes life worthwhile is called wealth. Hence, pure knowledge (wisdom) is the greatest wealth.
No power can defeat a person who is endowed with virtues of truth, purity and unselfishness. These qualities enable a person to single-handedly face the criticism of the entire world. Nindantu ntinipua…… Flow like water which creates its own path; not like the hard rock, that even obstructs the path of others.

(Extracted from “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”.)