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U’khand blessed with many Sikh Shrines that spread message of love: Dhami


By Our Staff Reporter

Champawat, 2 Jun: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurated the Jod Mela at Gurudwara Reetha Sahib, the main pilgrimage centre of Sikhs in Champawat, here, today. On reaching Reetha Sahib, the Chief Minister was welcomed by the Gurdwara Management Committee. The Chief Minister prayed for the prosperity of the state by paying obeisance at the Gurdwara Darbar.

Congratulating everyone for the Jod Mela organised at Reetha Sahib, the Chief Minister said he hoped the fair would bring a new enthusiasm in everyone’s life.

Dhami recalled that, in the year 1501, Guru Nanak Dev had come to Reetha Sahib with his disciple Mardana, during which he had met Dhernath, a disciple of Siddha Mandali Mahant Guru Gorakhnath. While a long conversation was going on between Guru Nanak and Dhernath, the disciple, Mardana, felt hungry. When he did not get food, he approached Guru Nanak Dev. Guru Nanak Dev ordered the disciple to touch the reetha tree (Soapnut tree) before him and eat its fruit. Knowing that reetha is bitter, as soon as he ate a reetha, obeying the Guru’s order, Mardana found the fruit to be sweet. Since then, this place has been named Reetha Sahib and since then sweet Reetha is distributed to the devotees here as Prasad.

The Chief Minister said that Reetha Sahib the divine place where Guru Nanak Dev gave the message of love, service and dedication to the world by filling sweetness in the bitter Reetha. He said that fairs such as Jod Mela promote the folk culture and traditions of the region. Earlier, when the modern facilities of communication and transport were not available, Melas used to be the common meeting places for friends and relatives. He added that the basic mantra of ‘Ek Onkar Sat Naam’ in the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev is deeply inspiring. The Guru’s teachings, which reflect the spirit of compassion, justice and equality, along with walking on the path of good, are inspirational for all mankind. He said that Guru Nanak Dev’s message of ‘Naam Japo, Kirat Karo’ contains the essence of all his teachings. His sacred teachings are a source of inspiration for all mankind and work to unite society. He said that along with the spirit of brotherhood and harmony, the holy teachings of Guru Maharaj also inspire everyone to live life positively. He said that the land of Uttarakhand is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of such holy teachings of Guru Nanak Dev. This holy land of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is rich in Guru tradition, the CM claimed.

The Chief Minister added that, besides this miraculous power centre of Guru Nanak Dev, Reetha Sahib, the divine penance site of Guru Gobind Singh’s Hemkund Sahib, Nanakmatta Sahib and many other holy places of the Sikh Guru tradition in Uttarakhand spread the teachings of Guru Nanak.

The Chief Minister said that, every year, a large number of Sangats from many places come to Uttarakhand for the pilgrimage of Hemkund Sahib located in the Himalayas. He said that earlier this journey to Hemkund Sahib used to be difficult but now it has become convenient due to expansion of road networks in the mountains. He said a ropeway is being constructed till Hemkund Sahib at the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, Sikh devotees from all over the world will be able to visit Hemkund Sahib conveniently. The difficult task of starting the Kartarpur Corridor has also been achieved and the wish of the Sikh community has come true.

Dhami further reminded that Prime Minister Modi took a historic decision to celebrate ‘Veer Bal Diwas’ for the first time on 26 December to remember the martyrdom of the Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh.